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Greetings Friends, 
This is my first Blog Post for my new website so let me start off by saying welcome to Kongas Kreations. It is going to be a massive year for Kongas Kreations this year and I invite you to join me on the roller coaster ride that I expect it to be. 

Firstly I would like to talk about my New web site. You may have noticed a change in format over the past month. This new web site should now have a much more accurate stock count and be updated weekly. So if its in stock, its on the site. There may be slight variations after Fridays, as I set up my stall at Swordcraft Melbourne, and I wont get a chance to update stock levels until Monday. But if in doubt send me a msg and I can let you know if the item you want is available before you place your order. 

We just received a massive order from Mythalon, all items will be on line on Friday, so that you can check out the new product lines. We will be placing another order with Mythalon very soon to replace stock and extend our product range even further. If there is some thing you want please let us know and we can order it in for you. 

We also have a large Calimacil order on the way, and we just received new stock of leather gloves and soft kit.  We will also be placing an order with Epic Armoury again soon as well. 

As much as new toys are exciting, this dosent even scratch the surface of what is happening this year. So be sure to keep an eye out here and on the Facebook and Instagram pages for sneak peaks of upcoming projects. Long Live Larp!


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