Ragnar II (Dirk), the Seafarer's Sword


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Even if our great claymores are extremely useful, in battle as well as to create fear into our ennemies’ hearts, once we are stuck in close quarters, they become rather hard to wield. That’s why we all have a shorter secondary blade, made exactly for those situations when we can’t swing wide without hurting our friends.

These swords are as sharp as our greatswords, and as deadly. Of course, they aren’t seen as terrifying, but for those who survived, they will always be the true face of terror. After all, it’s not the length of the blade that counts, it’s the warrior behind it.


The Ragnar Dirk brings forth a new Calimacil sword category: the Dirk series. They are part of the squire’s line of swords, but their length is between the dagger and the short sword. Always made from Calimacil foam, this dirk is almost indestructible and will stay safe for years of hard use. The handle is of the same golden colour as the longer Ragnar sword, while its blade is silver-coloured. The edge of the blade is also silver for added realism.


Many characters need to use a dirk such as the Ragnar Dirk, especially those who will need to fight as close as possible to their enemies. This makes the sword a great secondary dirk, and can become a primary one in the hands of a smaller character such as Goblins and Dwarves. It can also be used as a ceremonial piece thanks to the status it confers on the wearer.


Total Length 59cm
Blade Length 41cm
Total Weight 250g