Ruthless II, The Home Run Slugger

Ruthless II, The Home Run Slugger


  • $80.00

Tell me, friend, do you sleep with one eye open, on the edge of your bed, boots at your feet? Are you constantly hearing strange noises in the night? Do you lock yourself in your house, in your basement, in your room, just to make sure you’ll have time to pick up your Slugger if someone gets in? So do I. We’re not safe here, even with our constant viligance and the locks on our doors. So follow me, and take your baseball bat with you: we’re going to need it.


This two-handed bat is painted in the color of a light wood finish, black and a touch of silver. It will make a fun addition to your LARP sword collection, and is ideal for modern and post-apocalyptic LARP characters and environments as well as modern stage combat. The Calimacil logo is included on this bat in the fashion of wooden baseball bat manufacturers. 


Besides being an excellent baseball bat for hitting homeruns, this nifty bat is the perfect add-on to your zombie survival equipment when preparing for your local post-apocalyptic LARP.

Weight (gr) 250.0000
Total Length (cm) 69
Staff Length (cm) 69
Grip Length (cm) No
Head Width (cm) No
Core Fiberglass