Hand Made Leather Tea Cup Holsters

Kongas Kreations

  • $50.00

Created for the sheer absurdity of it, Kongas Kreations are proud to present our range of tea cup holsters. 

Available in small and large sizes these holsters make a unique accessory to your steampunk outfit. They also make an unusual gift for that friend or loved one who loves a spot of tea. 

All holsters come with the cup and saucer and additional side plate on the larger models as pictured. 

SMALL: includes a dainty cup and saucer with heart shaped holes.

LARGE: includes matching side plate for cake or scones. 

LARGE (Gold rimmed cup set): includes matching side plate, has a lovely gold trim. 

These sets have all be sourced from op-shops and recycled, they are checked for cracks and stains. Prices may vary depending on the cost of the cup set. 

Please contact us if you have a favorite set you would like a holster custom made to fit.