Riveted Chain Mail Hauberks

Kongas Kreations

  • $600.00

The most iconic piece of medieval armor has always been a shirt of chain mail armor. from the vikings to the crusades it has been associated with so many different parts of history. 

 A chain mail hauberk, consists of several metallic rings that are carefully linked together to create a mesh of armor that is stronger than its individual parts. Old or new, the concept behind chain mail has remained the same for centuries. Chain mail  looks great when paired with other types of armor, it works well under leather or plate armor quite nicely, and it also makes for a fantastic stand-alone armor as well. 

Kongas Kreations is proud to offer a range of riveted steel chain mail shirts. These mid thigh, long sleeve shirts are made from mild steel and riveter for extra security. 

Available is 5 sizes:

All sizes are approximates as chain mail can expand and increase in length depending on the size of the wearer. Measurements are taken with the shirt lying flat.

Small: 100 cm chest, 100 cm long, 45 cm sleeves

Large: 140 cm chest, 110 cm long, 55 cm sleeves

XL: 150 cm chest, 115 cm long, 60 cm sleeves

XXL: 163 cm chest, 115 cm long, 60 cm sleeves

4XL: 175 cm chest, 115 cm long, 60 cm sleeves