Malik, the Desert's Scourge


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The Persian sword showcases our whole new handle. Tarnished gold with a worn-out look and a brown leather-like handle, its look is extremely realistic, as well as making the handling easy and sure. The steel-colored blade, with its silver accents, is made of our incredibly durable foam, for years of safe battles. The simplicity of this weapon adds to its versatility, 


Tailored for Middle-Eastern characters, this sword could be efficiently used by any agile warrior, spinning its way through the battlefield. This is also why it's highly praised by Elves, who know this blade can be devastating in the right hands. On the other side, enemies of the Realm, like Imps and Demons, like to use this sword for its simplicity and, of course, its sharp edge. 


Total Length 76cm
Blade Length 55cm
Total Weight 300g