Leather Stamp Tool - Swivel Knife #Oak Leaf


  • $200.00

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This piece feels so good to hold and use!

The perfect statement piece or gift for a leather crafter. 

This swivel knife is made of solid brass and has a satisfying weight in the hand. It comes as pictured and does not include a blade so you can insert your personal favorite. included is an extra grub screw and Allen key to tighten the blade in place.  

Swivel knife is sold without a blade.
Made from brass.
Diameter of barrel - 10-11 mm
Height - 45 mm
Diameter of hole for blade - 5.5 m

Imported directly from Bulgaria, these exceptional stamps and tools are made of brass to exceptional quality. The designs are unique, and the prints are very sharp and clean; every single stamp is cut using CNC machine.