Arn Mace, the Martyr's Skull


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Arn was a devoted priest to a dark faith, a faith whose holy symbol was the skull. He fought against an heretic warband with his fellow warriors leading them with his ghastly zeal. When dawn broke the battlefield, it was littered with the bodies of the heretics. The day was won, but at a price. Arn was found dead on the battlefield, at his feet were scores of slain foes. 

His faith and devotion to their dark gods was legendary, so much so that his skull was taken from his corpse and was venerated as a holy relic. Now literally a symbol of his faith, Arn can still vanquish the foes of his faith. Even in death he still serves.


Created in collaboration with Atelier Fantastic Art, this skull mace is made of a safe Calimacil foam skull and our bone staff. The snakes crawling out of its base are of a terrifying realism, as are the details of the bone, sending chills down the spines of your enemies. The skull is bone-coloured, and the wooden staff has a wooden aspect. The snakes and the tribal design are as black as the soul of the wielder.


Necromancers will naturally be drawn towards this skull, true symbol of power and evil. However, no need to be a mage to use it: brutal Orc warlords can bludgeon heads with it, and shamans of every tribe will be able to see the importance of a good link between the spirit world and ours.


Total Length 86cm
Total Weight 760g